In 2010, father & daughter Chip and Jacqui Town traipsed through corporate America and homebrewed on the weekends, constantly talking about their dream to open a microbrewery. In the summer of 2011, the recession claimed both their jobs, and during Chip and Jacqui’s unforeseen time off they began to make plans. Over the course of 18 months they wrote a business plan, secured an SBA loan, leased a 6,500 sq/ft facility and began construction on their dream. With 22 years of combined home brewing experience and the popularity of craft beer on the rise, opening a brewery became a fantasy fulfilled. Rinn Duin Brewing opened January 23, 2014.

Rinn Duin Brewing is inspired by the Town family’s indubious heritage, originating from County Roscommon, Ireland. Castle Rinn Duin was built by The English Royal Army in the early 1200’s. It survived countless battles by the hands of the Irish, including a fire, before the British relinquished the castle in 1576. Chip’s maternal grandparents were the last family to live on the grounds of the castle, before donating the land to the Irish Heritage Council in the 1940’s. Their family history, past and present, is found in the midst of the style, artwork, and names of their beer, each with a unique and personal story.

FoundersChip and Jacqui Town

Our brewer Bob is a self-taught home brewer. He retired from the business world where he was a warehouse manager at a food distributor. He always enjoyed Rinn Duin’s beer, customers and atmosphere, so he started out as a volunteer for Rinn Duin. He would do anything and everything, from cleaning to the bottling line, he has grown into the head brewer at Rinn duin. His love for the beer and brewing shows in the finished product. He is dedicated to making the best quality beer possible, come in and taste for yourself!